How to Lose Weight Before Your Class Reunion

How to Lose Weight Before Your Class Reunion Author: sonia How to Lose Weight Before My Vacation So its vacation time, time to let go

How to Lose Weight Before Your Class Reunion

Author: sonia

How to Lose Weight Before My Vacation
So its vacation time, time to let go of all worries and stresses of the “everydayness” of life. What a great time to Live-a-Little! Regardless of where you go on your vacation you obviously want to look your best ALL the time! After all, you’ll probably be taking alot of pictures and the camera DOES NOT lie! I was in this same situation this time last year.
It was right around mid February and I was taking my family to Key West and Destin Florida. The holidays just passed and you could definitely tell that I enjoyed all those left-overs waaaay tom much! I was 33lbs. heavier than my ideal weight for someone my age and height and I looked in the mirror and just got fed up. My wife was always very active and stayed in great shape and I didn’t feel like I was holding up my side of the agreement.

So there I was, I had some decisions to make and I knew it wouldn’t be easy but I knew the pleasure and peace of mind I would have that comes with a great body far exceeded the work I had to do. I began to do research on how to lose weight before my vacation and I read a blog, very similar to this one that talked about a program called The Fat Burning Furnace. Man even the name sounds cool and says it all! I wanted to BURN SOME FAT!!! So after reading testimonials of several people who tried this program I decided, what the heck.

They had a money back guarantee so there really wasn’t much risk. It was a very in-depth and comprehensive program and they kept saying (Like putting together a piece of furniture) if you follow everything step-by-step the results are guaranteed but if you veer off on your own route you will not get the results you want and you will end up asking for your money back so make sure your serious about losing FAT. I didn’t want to be that one who asks for money back knowing full and well I never gave it a try! Well after 9 weeks on their program I was able to “BURN” off 19 pounds of BLUBBER and it was unreal!

I have the body I want and its a year later! This program is unreal and I guess I’m just deciding to “pay it forward” and writing a little journal about this program that changed my life and which I’ll never let go of. Can you believe ALL this started due to me wanting to lose weight for my vacation?!?! Hope this helps and inspires a few of you!
My BEFORE vacation Pic….

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