Make your gift truly personal

Make your gift truly personal

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Make your gift truly personal
In these days of mass-produced merchandise, it can be really hard to find a really personal gift for your loved ones. Even if you?re trying hard to be original, you can guarantee someone, somewhere has the same gift. But worry not, findmeagift.com has the answer ? personalised gifts! There?s a great range of personalised gifts on offer that will show someone you?ve taken the time to think of something personal, just for them. We?ve picked out the cream of the crop to get your gift ideas flowing?
Photo Album Key Ring
This is a great way to make sure someone is always able to have their favourite photos on them. The Photo Album Key Ring is a brilliant little gadget with a high resolution screen and an 8MB memory that allows you to store your favourite photos on it. It?s really slim and small too, so it fits easily into a handbag or pocket. And if you want to make this gift really personal, you can fill it with heart-warming photos of you and your loved one before you give it to them ? that way they?ll never forget who gave them such a brilliant present!
Personalised Star of Fame
If you have a friend who?s dreaming of fame, fortune and Hollywood glamour, this is the perfect gift to fuel their fantasy! We?ve all seen Hollywood Boulevard?s Walk of Fame (on TV at least), and we?ve all wondered what it would be like to have our name in one of those famous stars. Well, now that can be a reality! The Star of Fame is personalised with any name you choose and comes framed, complete with a certificate to add an air authenticity. All your friend will need to do now is practise an Oscar acceptance speech!
Personalised Teddy Bear
If you?re looking for a gift for a new baby and you don?t want to get a standard teddy or good old baby grow, a Personalised Teddy Bear could be just the thing. It?s a cute and cuddly teddy, with a snugly woolly jumper that bears (no pun intended!) your personalised message. If the gift is for a baby, their name and birth date can be embroidered onto the jumper, or simply a message saying Happy Birthday. And make no mistake, this gift isn?t just for babies ? mums, sisters, friends and anyone who?s partial to a bit of cute-ness will adore it!
Name a Rose
If you?re buying a gift for someone who loves flowers or is a keen gardener, Name a Rose is a wonderful idea. The pack contains lovely scented rose petals, seeds to grow the rose and a registration card so that they can register their rose choosing whatever name they like (they might even name it after you!). After a few days they will receive a personalised certificate including the rose-number and rose-name.
If you?re looking for a personal gift, make sure you check out findmeagift.com ? there?s loads to choose from and your gift needn?t break the bank either!
If you need any further information on any of our fantastic gifts and gadget ideas then please email us info(at)findmeagift.com

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