Breast Reduction Surgery: A Relief for Many Women

Breast Reduction Surgery: A Relief for Many Women

Author: Vicky Cochrane

Many women dream of having bigger, fuller breasts, believing that bigger is always better when it comes to this particular feminine attribute. However, millions of women also suffer from disproportionately large breasts, wishing only that they had a smaller chest. For many women, large and heavy breasts can cause pain and discomfort due to neck and back strain.
These women also often experience painful bra strap indentations on their shoulders due to the weight of their breasts, as well as bad posture. Breast reduction surgery might be the answer for these women.

During breast reduction surgery, fatty and glandular tissue, along with excess skin, is removed from the breasts. This results in the breasts becoming lighter; and because the breasts are also pulled tighter, they increase in firmness after the procedure. The patient?s posture usually improves following breast reduction surgery, and many women experience a boost in self confidence. Breast reduction surgery is usually performed under a general anaesthetic, but requires substantial healing time – anywhere from six weeks to six months.

Breast reduction surgery is usually only performed if a woman’s breasts are fully developed. However, it can be performed earlier if the size of a woman?s breasts are causing serious pain or physical discomfort. An ideal candidate for breast reduction surgery is someone who can understand the procedure and who has realistic expectations about the results. Moreover, the procedure is not recommended for women who intend to breast feed.

If you?re one of the millions of women who suffer from disproportionately large breasts, breast reduction surgery might be an ideal procedure for you. Most cosmetic surgery clinics offer a free consultation to determine whether breast reduction is right for you, with a surgeon discussing the goals and expectations of your surgery – so you can make an informed decision. You might even be shown before and after treatment photographs of patients with similar breasts, which can allow you to get a better idea of the outcome you should expect.

If you require breast reduction surgery due to pain and discomfort, yet feel cost is an issue keeping you from having the procedure done, it may be advisable to speak to a consultant at a cosmetic surgery clinic. Most clinics offer finance plans to help individuals obtain procedures like breast reduction surgery – so you don?t need to suffer through disproportionately large breasts. Seek advice and consultation and take control of your life with breast reduction surgery.

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